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What Types Of Commercial Bone Sawing Machines Are There

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Bone sawing machines are essential equipment in the meat processing industry, facilitating the efficient and precise cutting of bones. These machines not only save time and effort but also ensure the safety and hygiene of the process. In this article, we will explore the different types of commercial bone sawing machines available in the market, highlighting their features, benefits, and potential applications.

I. Bone Saw Machines

Bone saw machines are the most commonly used type of bone sawing machine in commercial settings. These machines employ a continuous band of toothed metal, mounted on wheels, to cut through bones effortlessly. They offer versatility in cutting various sizes and types of bones and are particularly well-suited for larger cuts.

1. Manual Bone Saw Machines:
Manual band saw machines are operated by hand, generally preferred for small-scale operations. They are simple to use, cost-effective, and occupy less space compared to larger counterparts. Although they require manual effort, they provide excellent control over the cutting process, making them suitable for precision cutting.

2. Automatic Bone Saw Machines:
Automatic bone saw machines are designed for high-volume production environments. They feature automated cutting mechanisms, reducing the need for manual labor while consistently delivering accurate cuts. These machines excel at handling heavy loads and are ideal for butcheries, meat processing plants, and other establishments with demanding workloads.

Bone Saw Machines

II. Circular Saw Machines

Circular saw machines, as the name suggests, use rotating circular blades to cut through bones. These machines are known for their speed and efficiency, making them popular in busy commercial kitchens and butcher shops.

1. Tabletop Circular Saw Machines:
Tabletop circular saw machines are compact and lightweight, making them suitable for smaller spaces. They are designed to be placed on countertops, ensuring convenience and accessibility during the cutting process. These machines are easy to operate and maintain, making them an excellent choice for restaurants and small-scale businesses.

2. Floor Model Circular Saw Machines:
Floor model circular saw machines are more robust and powerful, typically used in larger meat processing facilities. They offer increased cutting capacity, enabling the handling of thicker and denser bones. These machines often come with additional features such as adjustable cutting speeds and safety mechanisms to ensure efficient and safe operation.

III. Scroll Saw Machines

Scroll saw machines employ a reciprocating motion, moving the blade up and down quickly to cut through bones. These machines are known for their precision and accuracy, making them a preferable choice for delicate bone cutting tasks.

1. Vertical Scroll Saw Machines:
Vertical scroll saw machines are designed to cut bones vertically, providing excellent control and precision. They are commonly used in specialized meat shops and fine dining establishments, where intricate cuts are required. These machines allow chefs and butchers to create unique shapes and presentations with ease.

2. Horizontal Scroll Saw Machines:
Horizontal scroll saw machines are used for horizontal bone cutting tasks, offering versatility and convenience. They are particularly useful for slicing thin cuts of meat, such as bone-in fillets or bone-in steaks. These machines are commonly found in butcher shops and large-scale restaurants, ensuring consistency and efficiency in meat preparation.

IV. Hydraulic Bone Saw Machines

Hydraulic bone saw machines utilize hydraulic power to cut through bones with ease. These machines are known for their exceptional cutting force and are often used in heavy-duty industrial settings where thick and dense bones need to be processed.

1. Vertical Hydraulic Bone Saw Machines:
Vertical hydraulic bone saw machines are designed to cut bones vertically, offering excellent control and stability during the cutting process. These machines are commonly found in large-scale meat processing plants and facilities that handle a high volume of bone cutting tasks. With their powerful hydraulic systems, they can effortlessly handle even the toughest bones.

2. Horizontal Hydraulic Bone Saw Machines:
Horizontal hydraulic bone saw machines are used for horizontal bone cutting tasks, providing efficiency and convenience. These machines excel at slicing large pieces of meat or cutting bones for specific applications. They often come with adjustable cutting speeds and cutting angles, allowing operators to customize the machine's performance based on their requirements.

Bone Saw Machines

V. Meat Bone Saw Machines

Meat bone saw machines are specialized bone sawing machines designed explicitly for cutting meat and bones. These machines are widely used in butcher shops, delis, and meat processing facilities due to their versatility and precision.

1. Standard Meat Bone Saw Machines:
Standard meat bone saw machines are designed to handle a wide range of bone cutting tasks. They offer adjustable blade tension and cutting speed, allowing operators to achieve precise cuts for different types and sizes of bones. Their durable construction ensures longevity, making them a reliable choice for businesses in the meat industry.

2. Compact Meat Bone Saw Machines:
Compact meat bone saw machines are smaller versions of standard models, suitable for limited spaces or mobile operations. These machines are often used in food trucks, catering services, and small-scale butcheries. Despite their compact size, they still provide efficient cutting capabilities and are easy to transport and set up.

VI. Safety Features and Considerations

When choosing a commercial bone sawing machine, it's crucial to prioritize safety. Look for machines that incorporate the following features:

1. Blade Guards:
Blade guards are essential to protect operators from accidental contact with the cutting blade. Ensure that the machine you choose has sturdy and reliable blade guards that cover the entire length of the blade.

2. Safety Switches:
Safety switches are designed to prevent the machine from operating unless all safety measures, such as blade guards and covers, are properly in place. These switches help minimize the risk of accidents during operation.

3. Anti-Slip Base:
A stable and anti-slip base ensures that the machine remains steady during cutting, reducing the chances of slips or falls. This feature is particularly important for floor models and hydraulic bone saw machines, which can exert significant force during operation.

Bone Saw Machines


Commercial bone sawing machines come in various types, including band saw machines, circular saw machines, scroll saw machines, hydraulic bone saw machines, and meat band saw machines. Each type offers unique benefits and applications, catering to different needs within the meat processing industry. When selecting a bone sawing machine, prioritize safety features and consider your specific requirements in terms of cutting capacity, space availability, and operational convenience. With the right bone sawing machine, you can enhance your efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity in bone cutting tasks.

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